Dr. WooYoung ChungDr. WooYoung Chung


Capella University

Dr. WooYoung Chung teaches in the Doctor or Information Technology program at Capella University. He received his DBA in Information Systems from Boston University. In the past, Dr. Chung had served as a faculty member in several nationally recognized MBA and graduate programs such as Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, and Graduate School of Management at Boston University. In these graduate programs and other venues, he has lectured and taught many executives and managers on a wide range of advanced topics including IT strategy, IT-enabled organizational transformation, business process reengineering, data management, and software engineering.

Dr. Chung also served as a research methodology consultant for MIT Information Quality Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was actively involved in the MIT initiatives in defining information quality (IQ) as an emerging field and establishing the vital role of Chief Data Officer (CDO) across all sectors. He received a Decade of Outstanding Contribution Award for his contribution to the IQ field, from MIT CDO IQ program. Dr. Chung has also consulted with many prominent corporations and government agencies, such as Boeing, IBM, Motorola, the Nielsen Company, Travelers Insurance, and U.S. Department of Justice. His current research interests center on the pivotal areas in the IQ field, in particular, leveraging the enterprise-wide data assets to dramatically improve the organizational performance in both public and private sectors.