Carl Gerber

Chief Data Analytics Officer

Carl Gerber recently founded Analytic Leaders, a consultancy specializing in Data Strategy, Analytics Modernization, Data Landscape Rationalization, Global Data Privacy, Data Quality, Master & Reference Data, Data Risk & Regulatory Compliance and Data Governance.

Gerber has led enterprise-wide data transformations as the Chief Data Officer for AIG Commercial Insurance and Pearson.  His teams have established end-to-end data strategies, roadmaps, and execution plans that improved data quality for enhanced decision making, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance and other business outcomes.  He is known for building data management cultures where information is readily available, trusted and leveraged to deliver value aligned to the business plan and priorities.  

Gerber’s teams have established global data platforms and services, and his teams delivered master data for global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consolidation programs. At TIAA-CREF, his team achieved sustainable data quality, controls, and delivery improvements across the company.  His program realized over $30M in data infrastructure savings; reduced uncontrolled annual database growth from 20 to 5 percent; increased the amount of data under quality management by 50 percent YOY; and resolved regulatory and compliance data controls issues impacting core business growth.

In recognition, he was named a 2016 Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader, and his data program received CIO Magazine’s Top 100 Innovation Award and The Data Warehouse Institute’s Data Management Best Practice Award for 2014. 

Mr. Gerber also held data and analytics positions at Procter & Gamble, American Financial Group, and Essilor of America. He began his career as a Communications & Computer Officer with the United States Air Force. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and a member of the IT Leadership Academy and the CIO Solutions Gallery.  He co-founded the Columbus Business Intelligence Roundtable and is a past President of the Southwest Ohio Data Management Association.


Milind Kamkolkar

Milind Kamkolkar is the CDO of Sanofi, a company focused on empowering lives through human health. Milind’s focus is driving and transforming Sanofi from a data generation organization to an insights generating organization where data is a monetizable asset class on par with product and shareholder value.  Milind joined Sanofi from a career spanning big pharma (Novartis), big and boutique consulting (Cognizant and PA Consulting), and numerous technology and software startup companies focused on health, technology and data mining blending insights and approaches across industries to solve complex human health problems at scale. Milind is a featured speaker and thought leader in Digital Health, AI & Big Data, serves as a Board Advisor and mentor to 3 exciting startups hacking education/mental health, deep learning for research technologies, Honorary Lecturer for physician entrepreneurship at BartsX, Faculty at Exponential Medicine and Special Advisor to the UN Global Sustainability program.


Valerie Logan

Research Director- Data and Analytics, Office of the CDO
Gartner, Inc.

Former Global Vice President, Strategy and Portfolio-
Information Management & Analytics Services
Hewlett-Packard Company

Valerie joined Gartner in 2015 as a Research Director in the Data and Analytics group, where she covers information management strategies, advanced analytics and related change management topics. She is a member of the Office of the CDO (Chief Data Officer) research team- where she leads Gartner’s Annual CDO Survey, as well as the CDO Circle executive training and networking event, which she designed from scratch. She is also pioneering research in the area of Data Literacy, and nurturing the “speaking of data” with Information as a Second Language (ISL).
Ms. Logan has more than 25 years of experience, including two decades of global consulting practice management in the information and intelligence domains across industries, and five years of applied experience in the telecommunications industry at both field and enterprise levels.

Ms. Logan is an active and passionate thought leader in the areas of information and decision science strategies, supporting clients with their information and analytics evolution. She is a natural systems thinker – able to understand and distill complex concepts and systems for general understanding.

Ms. Logan is recognized as a pioneer in innovative consulting practices – recognized by Consulting Magazine in 2008 as one of eight top women in global consulting. She is known as an inspiring motivator, genuine advisor and change agent – driven by a passion to synthesize information to solve real-world problems.
When not busy traveling or working, Valerie works closely with youth and young adults- helping them to discover their unique skills, passions and esteem. Her commitment to mentoring students and professionals is in recognition and appreciation for early contributors to her life and career- just “paying it forward”.

Valerie holds a B.S. in Mathematics from the State University of New York College at Buffalo and a M.S. in Applied Mathematics from New Mexico State University with a concentration in Operations Research. She is based in the Adirondack Mountains with her husband Brian in Brant Lake, New York.


Mark Ramsey, Ph.D.

Dr. Ramsey holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science , an MBA with specialization in Computer & Information Security, and a Ph.D. specializing in Applied Computer Science.  His dissertation work on Exploring the impact of inferred social networks on the accuracy of churn prediction models in the mobile phone industry resulted in a US patent.

Dr. Ramsey joined GSK as Senior Vice President, Head of R&D Data in 2015 reporting the President of R&D.  He is responsible for driving the utilization of information as a strategic asset through data consolidation, metadata, business intelligence, big data, and advanced data mining.   

Prior to GSK, Dr. Ramsey was the first Chief Data Officer (CDO) for Samsung Mobile, reporting directly to the President.  He was responsible for enterprise-wide governance and utilization of information as an asset, through data consolidation, business intelligence, big data, and advanced data mining.  Prior to Samsung, he held the position of Vice President, Business Analytics & Optimization, Growth Markets for IBM.  In this role, he was responsible for setting the strategic direction and operational management of the IBM Business Analytics & Optimization services division for eight growth markets including South East Asia, India and South Asia, Greater China, Korea, Australia/New Zealand, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa and Latin America.  Dr. Ramsey started at IBM in 1995 and was one of the pioneers in the creation and expanded focus on data and analytics.  Ramsey was named an IBM Master Inventor in 2010 for his role as an inventor in over 50 patent filings which resulted in the issuance of 28 patents focused on business intelligence and business analytics.


Peter Serenita

Peter Serenita is the US Chief Data Officer for Scotiabank, responsible for defining and implementing data management capability to improve data quality and leverage data for business enablement.  He is the Chairman of the Enterprise Data Management Council, trade organization advancing data management in the financial services industry.  Prior to joining the Scotiabank, Peter was the Group Chief Data Officer and was responsible for building the data management and analytics practices across all businesses and global functions at HSBC, focusing on improving data consistency across the firm. Previously, Peter was a 28-year veteran of JPMorgan having held several key positions in business and information technology including the role of Chief Data Officer of the Worldwide Securities division.  Mr. Serenita holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from New York University.


Derek Strauss

Founder, CEO and Principal Consultant of Gavroshe. Former Chief Data Officer at TD Ameritrade for approximately 5 years; was responsible for Data Governance, Data Science & Advanced Analytics, Data Architecture & Management, and Development and Maintenance of Enterprise-class Data Assets. A career of over 3 decades, mainly in the Data Management and Information Resource Management (IRM) fields.  Established Office of the CDO, Data Resource Management, Architecture and IRM Functions in multiple large Corporations.  Established and managed numerous enterprise programs and initiatives in the domains of Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Quality Improvement and IRM. Bill Inmon’s Corporate Information Factory and John Zachman’s Enterprise Architecture Framework have been the foundational cornerstones of the above work. Served as VP Programs for DAMA SW Ohio. Active member of MIT’s Chief Data Officer Roundtable and Forum, and Founding Member of the International Society of Chief Data Officers. Co-authored “DW 2.0: The Architecture for the Next Generation of Data Warehousing” Inmon, Strauss and Neushloss (Book published 2008 by Morgan Kaufman, Series in Data Management Systems).